How to Get an Early Start On Gardening!

January is the start of a new gardening season for those in the southern United States. But for the folks up north, there is still some time before gardening kicks into full gear.

It can be hard to find gardening tasks during January, so we collected what you can do, organized by your region’s climate!

What is a Planting Zone?

A planting zone is a group of geographical regions with similar climates and growing conditions. They are used by gardeners and farmers across the world to gauge which plants will grow best during different times of the year. These zones are separated according to their average low winter temperatures. The US only has zones 3-10 since the weather does not get cold enough to be in the first two zones!

Planting Zones 3 – 6

In these regions, it is time to order your seeds before they sell out during spring. Some seeds may not be in stock during the winter, but you can place preorders at specialty retailers to reserve your pick when inventory arrives.

Trees and bushes still have no leaves, making this the perfect time of year to inspect your more permanent plants. Take note of any plants that will need trimmed once the buds immerge. If any of your trees are leaning, use stakes and string to straighten them up!

Get an early start on planting. Spring flowers like pansies are ready to go in the ground. In zones 5 and 6, you can start planting cool-weather vegetables like broccoli, onions and cabbage.



Planting Zones 7 & 8

The most important thing to do in these zones is to put the warm days to use by making sure that chickweed and wild onions are not sprouting in your garden. You may also start growing your seeds indoors for an easy transition into the garden when the weather warms up. In zone 8, you can plant your crops outside and begin growing them for the year. Both of these zones are ready to have flowers put in the ground for spring!


Planting Zones 9 & 10

January is the best time to prune in these zones. Lay down a fresh layer of mulch over your garden to prepare for spring. You can go all in on planting your flowers, everything from wildflowers to spring flowers!

Wherever you may be, the gardening season is stirring up. Get a head start on prepping and plant this year with these handy tips!




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