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Rotoshovel unit with 7” metal auger attached
22” tall, 5 lbs. 



The RotoShovel “In Action”!


RotoShovel Is Revolutionizing The ‘Gardening’ World!




1 in 3 People Are Gardeners

Of the millions of homeowners in the United States, nearly half have gardened in the last 12 months. The Rotoshovel is a revolutionary new power tool that can make your life easier by saving you time, energy, and costs on gardening or landscape projects. The shovel blade combined with rotating auger bit makes digging in your yard easier and faster. Stop digging the old-fashioned way and let the Rotoshovel do the hard-work for you!

Rotoshovel Cuts Excavation Time In Half

The Rotoshovel cuts excavation time down and makes faster work of any size gardening project. The high torque motor and gearbox ensure it maintains a steady speed while powering through soil. The main purpose of this revolutionary power tool is to help make gardening and landscaping faster and easier.

Anyone Can Use the Rotoshovel

This all-in-one solution is sleeker, faster and has better safety features than existing tools for the same job. You don’t need any special skills to use Rotoshovel. This easy-to-use power tool is perfect for novice gardeners and professional landscapers. So whether you’re a gardener, landscaper, or just need to upgrade your shovel, the Rotoshovel is here for you.


Shovels Are Dumb

Stop wasting your time and energy with traditional shovels. The RotoShovel cuts excavation time in half and lets you accomplish your gardening projects quicker, with more energy left to spare.
Don’t be dumb, get a RotoShovel!



The RotoShovel Is Revolutionizing The 'Gardening' World!

Product Overview

  • 3” diameter x 7” long auger bit comes standard
  • Keyless chuck allows for quick and easy interchangeability of bits
  • Scoop aids in dirt removal and allows for flexibility of use

Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • A rechargeable battery pack powers the device.
  • Battery pack can be accessed through the removable butt cap.

Trigger & Safety

  • Thumb trigger activates the motor
  • For safety, the trigger must be held in to maintain power to the motor. If the device is dropped or the trigger is released for any reason, the power is immediately shut off to the motor.

Ease Of Use

  • Low, Medium, and High speed selection
  • LED charge indicator lets you know when it’s time to charge the battery pack

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