Window Boxes: The Face of Your Home

Window boxes are a simple way to add flare and seasonal spirit to your home. Not only do they look marvelous but they also provide a creative twist on typical gardening. Whether you are looking for a weekend project or to give your house a face lift, here is how to get started!

Choosing Your Boxes

The first step to beginning your window box project is choosing the boxes themselves. There are a variety of shapes and fashions to accentuate the style of your home. Your boxes should work with the existing décor not distract from it. For rural houses, a wooden cottage-style box might be appropriate. For a townhouse or apartment, a wire box will add a modern touch. If you cannot find a box that works for you, you can even build your own using this guide!


Decorating Your Boxes

Once you find the right boxes, you must decide which plants will look best. Some flowers such as petunias and geraniums thrive in window boxes. They can be bought in an assortment of colors including fall shades. Alongside flowers, you can add fall ornamentation like pumpkins, corn or squash.  Place these plants in fresh top soil and add slow release fertilizer pellets on the surface. This will help nourish your flowers and keep your box looking good all fall with minimal maintenance! 


Installation and Box Maintenance

The last piece of this project is to hang your window boxes. They typically come with brackets that you use to secure them to your house. Some metal boxes have brackets integrated with the box itself. If you built your own, you will need to obtain weight-bearing brackets to go with it.

Be sure to read watering recommendations for your plants. This will activate the fertilizer and keep your plants looking fresh!



Window boxes are an often overlooked way to add character to your home. They are versatile and can be decorated to match the season. If you have window boxes already, comment below what plants or decorations are inside!

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