When to Plant the Seeds of Spring!

Winter now teeters on the edge of spring, but different plants are best planted at different times. Whether your temperatures are already warm or you are still waiting, this article will help you understand when to start your garden!

When to Plant Seeds

Seeds are flexible to start growing because of their small size. You should start growing seeds outdoors after the last frost. If you grow your seeded plants in a pot, you can start the process indoors around a month before the last frost. That will give your plants a head start in the garden and provide a larger yield!

Take a look at the map below to learn the average date for the final frost in your planting zone.

When to Grow Vegetables

There are two varieties of vegetables: cool-weather and warm-weather crops. Similar to seeds, cool-weather crops can be started indoors a month before your final frost. Warm-weather vegetables should not be started outside until ground temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Most gardeners are safe to plant warm-weather vegetables starting in June.

When to Start Fruits

Fruits can survive colder temperatures than cool-weather vegetables, even mild winters. If your region typically sees snow during the winter, it is best to wait until spring. Beginning in mid-March, you can plant all your favorites like strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes.

Be sure to water your newly-planted fruits weekly to help establish their roots!


Whether its seeds, vegetables or fruits, get ready to get planting!

Happy Gardening!


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