Spring Weeds are Coming! Here's how to Prepare.

Beautiful flowers and decorative shrubs are not the only plants getting ready to sprout this spring: weeds are about to emerge! Some species use the winter to form sturdy taproots from which to grow when temperatures warm. But with some careful preparation, you can keep your lawn and garden weeds under control!


Pull Established Weeds

The first step to effectively combating weeds is to pull large perennials before they have a chance to grow and spread. This can be exhausting, especially in large areas, so focus on the places where appearance is most important. Later steps will address how to handle a large lawn of weeds.

Common perennials such as dandelions have roots 3-4” deep that must be pulled to prevent their reemergence. Use a hand weeder or digging tool to remove the entire root!


Prepare Your Garden Beds

Tilling and mulching your garden will create an optimal environment to grow wanted plants while suppressing weeds. Electric push tillers are a time-saving tool in large areas, but in narrow gardens, they are often too large to work with. The Rotoshovel’s 3”x7” auger is the perfect size for tilling around foliage, statues and structures with precision.

Mulch will provide a blanket of protection to prevent weeds from emerging, while holding valuable moisture for your desired plants!


Weed Killer

Chemical solutions are the last resort for large areas and stubborn weeds. Most weed killers are best applied while the weeds are growing since they target the growth of the plant. You want to apply the chemicals once large leaf surface area has developed but before the weeds begin to flower.


A Healthy Lawn

Perhaps the most fundamental way to get rid of weeds is to have a healthy lawn! If your yard is full of lush, green grass, weeds will not have the space or nutrients to grow. Aerate your lawn, put down fresh grass seed, and fertilize to get your grass ready to grow this spring.


Keeping away weeds is fundamental to maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden. We hope these tips will keep your lawn under control!

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