A Regional Guide to Winter Garden Survival!

Most of the US is becoming cold, but some parts of the country are still gardening through December. Here are some winter gardening tasks tailored to your climate!

North United States

In the Northern half of the nation, temperatures are starting to take a dive. Many northerners opt to utilize a wind-breaking fence to protect their garden from low temperatures and debris carried in the breeze. Inspect the fence monthly to ensure there are no holes or other damages to the fence.

To help your bulbs survive the winter, clear the snow the piles from your garden. The snow itself is not harmful, but cold temperatures will freeze moisture from melted snow which will kill the bulbs before they have a chance to bloom.

In the north-west coastal region, the weather is still warm enough to work outside comfortably. The precipitation in this area increases during December, but you can use this to your advantage. The soil will be softer allowing you to pull weeds and finish planting any remaining fall bulbs with ease. These bulbs must be planted no later than mid-December, when temperatures often become unsuitable for the bulb’s survival.

South United States

If an unusually cold winter is predicted, we recommend you cover your crops with row covers starting in December. This will ensure that your plants will not be harmed by harsh temperatures, winds or moisture. Placing compost on top of your soil during the winter will recycle rich minerals back into the ground, helping your plants survive the cold.

If you live in a desert climate with low elevation, you can continue growing cold-weather crops like peas, cabbage, kale and broccoli.

The southern region of the country can garden through the end of the year. It is crucial that all fall bulbs are planted before the New Year to give their roots time to settle before spring. For more information about bulb planting, read our newsletter on the topic here!

Now that you have some tasks specific to your region, you can stay busy until spring. No matter what climate you are in, keep up with your gardening this winter for a beautiful spring!



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