What to Know Before Bringing Your Plants Inside!

Winter weather will cause your plants to wither away and slow their growth. Protect them this year by bringing them inside, giving them the warmth and water they need for continued growth. Caring for plants indoors is a little different than doing so outside, so here is what you need to know before bringing in some of your favorites!

Benefits of Bringing Your Plants Inside

Bringing plants indoors will improve your health, not just the plants. They purify the air in your home. Plants can remove Benzene and Formaldehyde, reducing the chance of mold spores by up to 78%. Some plants, like the Winter Jasmine, have a strong scent with a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety.

Alongside helping you, bringing plants inside helps their health. Instead of wilting in the winter cold, the plant receives an extra season of fertilization and watering, allowing it to grow more quickly!

Preparing Your Plants

Before bringing plants into your home, keep the mess outside by trimming and pruning them to make them presentable. Remove any insects that are hiding under leaves or on the stem. To ensure no insects or eggs are present, repot you plants in new soil. Lastly, give your plants a good watering. This will help them get established in their new environment!

Where to Put Your Plants

Different plants need different environments to thrive. Some need to be dimly lit and do not require much heat, while others need direct sunlight and must remain warm. If you put plants on the windowsill, make sure the leaves are not touching the window. The cold touch of the glass will kill the plant over time. Snake plants and Orchids are perfect for bedrooms because unlike most plants that produce carbon dioxide at night, these produce oxygen helping you breathe better!

Using this guide, you can keep your favorite plants happy and healthy year round. Comment below your favorite indoor plant!


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