This is The Perfect Shrub For Spring!

Fall is the time to plant bulbs for spring. If you are looking to add color to your garden, hydrangeas are a brightly colored shrub. They will quickly become the bright spot of your garden and this guide will help you get started.

What are Hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas bloom vibrant flowers in shades of pink, blue, or white. They blossom in late spring and remain throughout the summer. Hydrangeas grow from a bulb to full size in a single season, often reaching 5 feet in diameter. They are perfect for filling in empty space in your garden!

Planting Your Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas thrive when planted in partial shade.

The Rotoshovel is the only automatic shovel designed for quick and precise bulb planting. Reaming out a hole for the bulb is easy – 3 times faster than using a garden spade! The powerful auger granulates the soil, leaving it ready to repack.

After it has been planted, make a small mound over the bulb to help with water drainage. Lastly, add a thick layer of mulch to keep it cool and help retain moisture.


Caring for Your Hydrangeas

It is essential that you water hydrangeas deeply three times a week.

There are numerous variants of hydrangea, diverse in appearance and requiring different care. The most common are the oak leaf hydrangea, with buds arranged in the shape of a cone, and smooth hydrangea with spherical blooms. Oak leaf hydrangeas do best when fertilized in April and June. Smooth hydrangeas only need it in the winter.

To brighten their colors, you can alter the pH of the soil by adding supplements such as soil acidifiers or agricultural lime. Acidifier will brighten blue hues and lime will make pink stand out!

                Oak Leaf Hydrangea                                  Smooth Hydrangea

With your new-found knowledge, plant some hydrangeas in your garden this fall to bloom this upcoming spring. They will make for an eye-grabbing centerpiece!


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