Secrets of a Healthy Indoor Garden!

As temperatures drop across the United States, gardeners take their hobby indoors. Potted plants provide many individuals the splash of green they need until spring. As you bring your plants inside or purchase greenery as décor, this guide will show you how to help them thrive!

Grow Lights

One of the biggest challenges of growing plants inside is finding a convenient space that offers enough light. With an LED grow light, you can place your plants anywhere and still provide them with the low-heat light they need to survive the winter. Modern grow lights use LED technology, allowing them to provide plenty of light without producing heat that damages plants.

For best performance, invest in a full-spectrum grow light. The light they produce often appears white, but they have higher concentrations of red and ultraviolet light plants use to photosynthesize.

Bottom Watering

It is exhausting to keep track of the optimal watering schedule for all of your plants. This is where bottom watering comes in handy. This method waters potted plants from the bottom up through holes in the pot, allowing the roots to absorb the moisture they needs without being oversaturated. Simply place the plants in a tray with water high enough to wet the base of the soil.


Pruning is the act of removing dead or overgrown leaves and branches to improve a plant’s growth rate. The majority of indoor plants only need pruned once a year during early spring. This will prepare it to grow and not waste resources on dead or unwanted material.

Quick growing plants with thick bunches of leaves – such as Bonsai trees and shrubs – need trimmed regularly to remain healthy.


Bonsai Tree


You should repot your plants when the roots reach the edge of the pot. This is best done during early spring to provide fresh soil to spur growth and fertilization.


Whether you bring your garden plants in for winter growth or decorate with greenery, take the time to give them care for years of beauty!

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