Everything You Need to Know About Bulbs!

Fall is rapidly approaching, but there is still plenty to do in preparation for next spring. One simple task that will add a lot to your garden is planting bulbs. If they are planted in the fall, they will be one of the first plants to bloom in the spring. There is a huge variety of bulbs to choose from to give your lawn a distinct look and feel!

Which Bulbs are Right for You?

The most common bulb is the tulip. It is one of the easiest bulbs to plant, requiring little maintenance once put in the ground. If you are looking for a flower to make a statement, lilies grow to stand a few feet above the ground. Alliums give you flexibility in your color choice. They are perennials available in a variety of colors including purple, blue, yellow or white. 


Pictured: Allium Flowers

Caring for Your Bulbs

Unlike seeds, bulbs have a limited shelf life. In order for bulbs to thrive once planted, they must be cared for while in storage. Make sure they have plenty of moisture. Some people do this by putting a wet paper towel in the bag with the bulbs.

Planting Your Bulbs

There are a few steps to planting bulbs successfully. Bulbs need to be planted in well-drained soil. Too much rain or overwatering will cause the bulb to rot. Soaking the bulbs in warm water for 12 hours before planting will jump start the growing process by 2-3 weeks.

The most important step in the planting process is determining depth. If the bulb is planted too shallow it will be damaged due to harsh temperature changes or make the flower lean. A good rule of thumb is to plant the bulb three times deeper than the bulb is tall. Bulbs are best planted before the first frost.


How can the Rotoshovel Help?

The Rotoshovel is the best tool for planting a large number of bulbs. The 3 inch diameter auger digs a hole the perfect width to streamline bulb planting. The 7 inch long auger puts typical flower bulbs at the perfect depth for proper soil coverage and sturdy growth. One of our customers planted nearly 300 bulbs in her garden beds in just 2 hours! The Rotoshovel is the best bulb planting tool on the market, saving your back and your time.


Happy Gardening!

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