Accent Your Garden With Asters!

If you are looking for an autumn perennial, look no further than the Aster. These colorful flowers bloom in the fall, giving your garden a splash of spring color all year long. As your other plants begin to wilt, Asters will quickly become the highlight of your garden!

What Are Asters?

Asters are drought-resistant and bloom each year. They are typically 6-18 inches high but can grow up to 4 feet tall. Since Asters are perennials, you can divide and spread the bulbs every 2-4 years. They come in vibrant fall shades including pink, purple, blue and white!

How Can Asters Help Your Garden

Looking for a centerpiece for your fall inspired garden container? The Aster’s vibrant colors draw attention to your box, and provide a nice contrast to earthy, autumn colors.

Asters produce lots of pollen, attracting bees and other helpful garden insects. This encourages fertilization in your garden!

Taking Care of Asters

Asters require minimal maintenance. They can withstand not being watered for a few days and only needs pruned every other month. Asters should be planted in an area where they will receive direct sunlight, ensuring the plant receives enough heat and nutrients to bloom in the cool fall months.

When Asters begin to bloom, it is time to split their bulbs. This will help the roots settle faster when the bulbs are replanted. The Rotoshovel digs the perfect depth to ensure your bulbs receive the proper soil coverage. Need more information on planting bulbs? Click here to read our newsletter on the subject!

Using this guide, you can accent your fall garden with Asters. Not only are they easy to grow, but they will also add some seasonal flare to your landscaping. Comment below how you use Asters in your garden!

Happy Gardening!


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