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RotoShovel For Professionals

Landscaping professionals can use our power shovel for planting annual flowers, installing small fence posts, and more.

Battery-powered auger for landscape professionals now available nationwide.

Create holes for planting in seconds with the RotoShovel, the world's first power shovel.

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If you're a landscape professional, then you need to add this new power shovel to your toolset. Our battery-powered auger can create holes for planting in seconds! Shovels aren't efficient and when you're on the job, you want something that will help you maximize your time.

The RotoShovel is the world's first power shovel, making the shovel obsolete. Learn more about this new tool that's revolutionizing the way people across the country are gardening.

How Landscape Professionals Can Use RotoShovel

RotoShovel digs for one and a half hours.

Our 22 inch-long electric shovel comes with a 7-inch long auger that's 3 inches in diameter. Constructed from durable steel and aluminum, the RotoShovel is ideal for planting jobs. Simply place the handheld auger where you'd like to dig and RotoShovel will do the work for you. With RotoShovel, you can drill it, dig it, scoop it, and plant it! Professional uses for the RotoShovel include:

  • Planting annual flowers: Use this cordless shovel to dig holes that are a perfect size for planting annual flowers in the spring, summer, and fall. 
  • Installing bulbs: Planting bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and more is easier than ever with this auger shovel that can dig through all types of dirt.
  • Adding shrubs and small trees to landscape beds: Doing a landscape renovation? RotoShovel can take the work out of shoveling holes for shrubs and small trees with its battery-powered auger.
  • Creating holes for small fence posts: Need to install a small fence around a landscape bed or someone's front yard? This electric shovel is able to create holes for inserting those fence posts.

RotoShovel will operate for 2 hours on one battery, and the battery itself will recharge within an hour. If you need to use RotoShovel for larger jobs, separate battery packs are available for purchase. 

Safety Features Included with the RotoShovel

When you're on a landscape job, safety should always be a top priority. With that in mind, we've designed RotoShovel with safety features. If the auger hits a root or rock, it will immediately stop moving so that you can further assess the situation. Additionally, our cordless shovel will only operate if the thumb trigger is pressed down. If you let go of the trigger for any reason, then the power to the motor will shut off. Our power auger is also bright red, which makes it easy to spot among landscaping.

Interested in buying RotoShovel for your landscaping jobs or your landscape company? It's available nationwide.

RotoShovel is currently available nationwide through retailers such as Ace Hardware, True Value, Do It Best, and Amazon. If you're interested in buying our power shovel for landscaping jobs or for your entire landscape company, it's just $139.99! We also have separate battery packs available for $49.99. If you have further questions about the RotoShovel, please reach out to us at (317) 360-ROTO (7686).