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RotoShovel For Homeowners

Revolutionize your home gardening process with the world's first handheld battery-powered shovel and auger.

Cordless, electric drill shovel available for use by homeowners and DIY gardeners nationwide.

Use our RotoShovel to help plant vegetables, install annual flowers, and more at your residential property.

Your garden's new best friend.

It's time. Time to say goodbye to your shovel, because the RotoShovel is going to forever change the way you garden. Our cordless, electric shovel works just like a drill for your dirt, digging holes ideal for planting vegetables, installing annual flowers, and more. It's perfect for homeowners and DIY gardeners looking to simplify their residential property maintenance.

Learn more about how the RotoShovel will smarten up your gardening and why shovels are dumb!

Why is RotoShovel perfect for any homeowner?

RotoShovel takes the hard work out of gardening—with this handy battery-powered shovel, you won't have to use garden spades or shovels anymore to plant your annual flowers. Our shovel is paired with an auger that does the digging for you. Simply insert the shovel, press the thumb trigger, and watch the RotoShovel dig a hole that is 3 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep. It's easy to use and perfect for any homeowner, from novice planters to DIY gardeners.

Possible Residential Uses for the RotoShovel

Our electric auger and shovel is a versatile tool and can be used for many residential purposes. Possible uses include:

  • Planting annual flowers and bulbs: Add annual flowers in spring, summer, or fall with the RotoShovel! It's easy to break through the ground with our sturdy, durable tool.
  • Creating a vegetable garden: Plant any vegetables you'd like with this power shovel. It's easy to plant seeds precisely where they need to go.
  • Inserting mailbox posts: Need to install a new mailbox and post? Our shovel will dig 7 inches deep and you can put in a new post with ease.
  • Installing small fence posts: Build a small fence with this electric shovel, perhaps around your garden to help protect it from pests such as deer or rabbits.
  • Adding smaller trees or shrubs to your landscaping: If you want to supplement your landscaping with new trees and shrubs, use the RotoShovel to dig the planting holes.

RotoShovel comes equipped with safety features.

RotoShovel's safety feature stops the motor when it hits a root.

As with any power tool, you should make sure to use caution when operating this auger shovel. RotoShovel does come equipped with some safety features, however. The auger is able to detect when it hits a rock or a root, and it will stop when it hits those obstacles.

The battery-powered shovel also only operates when the thumb trigger is pressed down. If the trigger is released or if the shovel is dropped, then the RotoShovel stops running power to the motor.

Looking to cut your excavation time in half when you're gardening at home? Then buy a RotoShovel!

Retailing for just $139.99, the RotoShovel is available nationwide at Ace Hardware, True Value, Do It Best, and Amazon. We also sell separate additional battery packs for $49.99. Need to know more about the RotoShovel? Check out our product overview page or give us a call at (317) 360-ROTO (7686) where our team can answer all of your questions. Shovels are dumb, so tell them to get lost and buy a RotoShovel today!