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RotoShovel Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

Learn the answers to our most frequently asked questions here.

How big is the RotoShovel?

The RotoShovel is 22 inches long, while the auger is 7 inches long and 3 inches in diameter.

What can do you do with a RotoShovel?

You can use the RotoShovel for many different things, such as planting annual flowers, installing bulbs, creating a vegetable garden, and planting small shrubs. It's also great for installing mailbox posts, fence posts, and real estate signs. You can drill it, dig it, scoop it, or plant it!

How large of a hole does the RotoShovel create?

RotoShovels creates holes in the ground that are 7 inches deep and 3 inches in diameter.

Who can use the RotoShovel?

Anyone! The RotoShovel is designed to be used by DIY gardeners, novice planters, and professional landscapers. 

Does this cordless shovel have any safety features?

The RotoShovel has two safety features built into its durable system. The auger is equipped to know when it hits a root or rock, stopping the digging process. Also, the shovel can only operate when the thumb trigger is pressed, so if you drop the power tool or let go of the trigger, the motor will stop. 

How long does the RotoShovel's battery last?

RotoShovel will operate for 2 hours before needing a battery replacement.

Is the battery rechargeable?

RotoShovel's battery is rechargeable. It takes about an hour to recharge. If you need to use your RotoShovel for more than 2 hours, you can purchase multiple battery packs separately. Our battery packs are available for $49.99.

Where can I buy a RotoShovel?

RotoShovel is available to purchase online. Click here to buy RotoShovel.

Is the RotoShovel patented?

Yes, we have a utility patent for the RotoShovel. Our patent number is 10309160.

What is the RotoShovel made from?

Rest assured, the RotoShovel is made with durable and long-lasting materials. We use steel and aluminum to create this battery-powered tool. 

What colors does RotoShovel come in?

The RotoShovel is bright red, making it easy to spot in a store or inside your tool shed!

How did you come up with the idea of creating RotoShovel?

Our founder, Rick Goren, was digging a hole one day and thought about how much easier this job would be if he had an electric shovel. Shocked to realize that no one had invented it yet, he assembled a team to help him create a prototype! 

Why do you think the shovel is dumb?

How many tools have been reinvented since mankind first came up with them? Almost all of them! It's time to reinvent the shovel and take the work out of gardening.

Don't see an answer to your question?

Call us! If you're not seeing an answer to the questions you have about RotoShovel, don't fear! Our team is standing by to answer your inquiries. Give us a call today at (317) 360-ROTO (7686) or submit our online contact form and we'll get back to you shortly. Get rid of dumb shovels and start using the RotoShovel!